World RX of Riga
World RX of Riga
World RX


Limited amount of tickets to World RX of Rīga are now available with early-bird offer on table for full doubleheader event access over the weekend on September 18-19, 2021.

In order to comply with all the rules and regulations set by the Latvian legislation, persons with compatible Covid-19 certificate will be allowed to enter Biķernieki Circuit. The certificate should certify that the individual has completed the full vaccination course of Covid-19, has recovered from Covid-19 in the last 180 days, or has negative Covid-19 test result. In order to comply with all the precautionary and epidemiologic measures, spectators will be divided into different zones. Also, no spectators will be allowed to enter paddock.

Please bear in mind that the rules regarding Covid-19 can change in due course, and, as a result of that, the attendance rules and requirements might change as well. Please follow all the updates on our website.

Considering all the requirements, Grandstand A and Grandstand D are envisioned for spectators who have completed the full vaccination course of Covid-19, or have recovered from Covid-19 in the last 180 days. Only for a limited amount of time, early-bird ticket to both rounds of the FIA World Rallycross Championship will cost 75,00 euros for Grandstand A, and 30,00 euros for Grandstand D.

Meanwhile the location of Standing Zone ST will be slightly altered, and will be situated at the historic location of Grandstand C, next to the big jump, and Grandstand VIP, next to Joker Lap, providing an opportunity to spectate a unique solution of Biķernieki Circuit – two parallel jumps. For returning spectators, previously used section in the forest will not be available in 2021. In regards to access, all the above-mentioned persons are allowed to enter Standing Zone ST, including those, who can certify a negative Covid-19 test result. Be informed, for Standing Zone access, kids under 12 years of age, are not required to present a certificate if accompanied by parents. Early-bird price for Standing Zone ST ticket is set to 20,00 euros.

Tickets for disabled persons are also on sale now (the same Covid-19 rules apply), with price fixed at 10,00 euros per ticket. In addition, Parking tickets are also on sale now, with two different parking spaces envisioned for each separate zone of spectators. Price of the parking ticket fixed at 10,00 euros per ticket for both days of competition.

All tickets to World RX of Rīga 2021 allow access to both days of competition, to both rounds of the FIA World Rallycross Championship. One day (or single event) tickets will not be available.


“We have made an unprecedented opportunity for spectators to attend two rounds of the FIA World Rallycross Championship without changing the price of entrance tickets. Moreover, we would like to thank all the fans of the Latvia-based rallycross event and in these turbulent times, setting an early-bird offer lasting till August 1. Although Covid-19 has changed our daily routine, Covid-19 has not changed the intense nature of rallycross races – the battles on the Bikernieki circuit will be as exciting as ever before!” says Director of RA Events Raimonds Strokšs.


Please, get acquainted with all the rules before buying the ticket.


Category                                 Full price              Price till August 1
GRANDSTAND A                         € 95,00                           € 75,00
GRANDSTAND D                         € 40,00                           € 30,00
STANDING ZONE ST                   € 30,00                           € 20,00
DISABLED PERSONS                  € 10,00                           € 10,00
CAR PARKING                            € 10,00                           € 10,00


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On 20.07.2021. RA EVENTS has signed an agreement No. SKV-TL-2021/15 with the Investment and Development Agency of Latvia for support provided under the “Promotion of international competitiveness” framework that is co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund.